Lily cut off the call and bent down once again, "So, Kitty cat, did you have fun teaming up with Karen Yin against my Susu? Answer my question!" She lifted Kitty's face and met her tired eyes.


"Me what? You wanted to ask me if I know what I'm doing?" She leaned forward until her chest pressed against his chest and palms rest on his shoulders. His hands circled around her body to make sure she was steady as he nodded in response, "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"


Her heart pounded in fear. She lost everything that she wanted to protect all along. She wanted to marry someone rich and handsome, so that she didn't need to work in the future. Her figure was everything, but now it's ruined. If anyone dared to search her name up, they will figure instantly that it was her in the high-quality angles.


"If I told you this secret, you would desire for this chip as well! Why act as if you are all that mighty? You're just the same as me and everyone else who are looking for the chip! Once you know what's in that chip, you will not be standing here, but running off to find that girl!"


"Hah! You just noticed that? My EQ and IQ only lowers when I'm with you. Hahahahaha. Intoxicated by you." she giggled and interlocked their fingers while pulling him in for a kiss. He willingly took her mouth in his. A simple kiss became a passionate one as he slipped his tongue between her parted lips.


She placed the chopsticks on the table and stood up to wrap her arms around his neck. He gulped in response and looked down at the girl smiling seductively at him with her slightly parted glossy lips shimmering alluringly under the kitchen lights. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

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Her hands almost slipped, but luckily the mug leaned towards her chest so nothing fell to the floor. "S..She's my daughter. Did something happen to her?"


After the van had left, Alexander decided to personally investigate Yin Zin Leung and his motives. "How did he manage to connect with Leader Rong?" On the spot, he typed in his notes app on his phone:


Chen Mu took a deep breath and walked away from her. Professor Luo Xia stood up from his chair and said, "I trust him. He's right that we shouldn't rush to explain everything to Susu. We might as well deal with those bastards first before telling her to make everything much simpler. She needs time to rest."


Quickly, he walked over to her to check if she felt any discomfort. After some inspection, he said, "Susu.. Umm..."


"...did they kill her?" Susu squeezed her left hand to a tight fist when she asked this question.


"The upcoming Friday? Sorry, I'm too busy these days that I didn't keep track of what day today even is. Can you get to the point?" He impatiently furrowed his brows as if he was talking to an automated machine for an online service that takes forever to address his inquiries. He literally got tired of having to ask things step by step.


"Nu uh, is our Lily feeling shy now? Not the first time this happened. Not everyone could wear this pair of shoes, but you definitiely can. Dance as you like, my queen." After putting her pair of heels into the shoe box, he stood up and held out his hand to invite her for a dance.



"Damn it! I was getting to the good part!" He grunted and was clearly displeased by the interruption. She patted his shoulders and fixed his suit, "We'll continue after they leave." Hearing her invitation, his interest aroused as he kissed her again. "You said it. I better get full compensation for this."



His voice held the same type of doting as it always did when speaking to her. "You..You always make me speechless hahaha, alright then. Shall we dance? I don't have my ballet shoes, so I can't do much."


"Hmmm...then could it be that this isn't what Shen Wen was looking for?" Chen Nan rubbed his chin as he passed the rose onto the next person's palm.


She moved back until her back felt the coldness of the pole. As he moved a few steps closer, a loud door slam distracted them. Not even a few seconds later, ten bodyguards with sunglasses and a royal badge on their suit surrounded Susu and separated her from Tian Yuo.

  • Once they settled in the car, he took off his suit jacket, put it over Susu's body, and made sure that her seatbelt was buckled properly before driving. "Aren't we going home? This is not the right way." She asked after noticing that he made a right turn instead of a left.
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